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          1.    History


            Foshan New Media Park was established on August 25, 2011, approved by the Foshan government.
            As the first professional new media park in Guangdong province, the planning construction area covering 300,000 square meters is located in Foshan National Hi-tect Industries Development Zone Chancheng Park.
            The first phase of construction area of 55,000 square meters is finished.
            Our mission is “creating new economic opportunities, new cultural experience and new lifestyle”.
            New Media Park grasps the lifeblood of Foshan manufacturing and new media industries. Foshan manufacturing is lack of communication and innovative marketing mode, to these two points, infrastructure that aims to act as a magnet for enterprises like cloud technology application, digital publishing, network information, e-commerce, video production, industrial design, brand planning, exhibition display and other enterprises.
            It is positioned to provide professional services to advance the fastefficient and qualified development of Foshan manufacturing industry.
            Close connecting with the industrial chain, fully functional and the coordinated development of the plan as well as communication system: those that are regarded as a “driving force”, help new media industries to practice their value and to boost Foshan manufacturing upgrade.


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