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          New Media Park is located in a golden area in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China. It's encircled by four main avenues with connections to Qinggong Road in the north, Chanxi Avenue in the east, Fokai Highway in the west and exclusively coverage over Dongping River.


          The park is only 1.8 kilometers from Jihua Road, 3 kilometers from Foshan Avenue, 1 kilometer from the entrance to Fokai Highway and with easy access to Chanxi Avenue and Qinggong Road. The Fokai Highway is the main avenue busing for the Guangzhou City and it only takes half an hour to reach there. Also news has been released that the Guangzhou to Foshan LRTLight Rail Transportwill be built during the Chinese 12th Five-Year Plan with the only station in Chancheng District facing the New Media Park in the south-east.


          Admittedly, Foshan is a vibrant, dynamic city with rich history and culture. The city has concentrated and strong ceramics, textile and other industrial advantages, mature and impeccable industrial infrastructure, abundant talents resources, and relatively low commodity price compared to metropolis like Guangzhou.


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