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        •    Resources Linking
          Resources Linking


          Foshan New Media Park has gathered resources in technological research and development, marketing channels, finance and , accounting, law and intellectual property rights etc.


          Also by taking advantage of the new Internet IT technology, we aim to set up a cloud community, a cloud computing application center and a high-end enterprises communication community to provide professional service to enterprises. 

          The Digital Media Industry Association, initiated by Foshan New Media Park was established for three purposes:
          Firstto unite the enterprises within this industry, coordinating relationship and promote the concept of helping each other in order to increase the technology productivity which is the common goal;
          Secondly to set up the communication platform between the industry and the government, helping solve the problems and difficulties the new media enterprises meet in starting up;
          Finally to maintain justified market competition and market order, and to help the industry develop and grow.




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