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  •    NEWS
    • Nanzhuang Sub-district Leaders Came2013-12-05

      On the morning of December 5th, a visiting group led by Mr. Chen Yi (Secretary of Nanzhuang Sub-district Committee) as well as Mr. Hu Anquan (Secretary…

    • Learn from Shenzhen’s Experiences2013-11-07

      On 5th- 6th of November, a delegation of Foshan New Media Park learned from AVIC Property Management Company’s and SIST Design & Manufacturing Compan…

    • 2013 Investment Promotion Conference of Chancheng District2013-10-29

      On the morning of Oct. 29th, 2013 Investment Promotion Conference of Chancheng District was held in Green Island Lake Urban Industrial Area.…

    • Additional No. 132 Bus Line!2013-10-09

      No. 132 bus line officially added a new station-XinMeiTi Yuan Zhan(Foshan New Media Park) on Oct. 1st 2013. The additional No. 132 and No. 110 bus line…

    • Chinese Communist Youth League Visited2013-07-27

       In the afternoon of July 26th, Mr. Yang Qingshan and Mr. Zeng Songting, from Volunteer Work Department of Chinese Communist Youth League, led a pane…

    • CASS panel came and communicated2013-07-06

      On the morning of July 4th, Mr. Zhao Tianxiao, Journalism and Communication Research Institute Director of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) le…

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