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        The current lease includes the first phase of 9 office buildings, each building having 6 layers with each layer covering a total area of 1100 square meters.
        Among them, the No. 1 building provides recreational and supporting facilities like entertainment, food and beverage. The No.2 building is the high-tech talents' residential apartment. The No.9 building is the fashion experience center with knitting products displaying. The Rent is around 35-65 yuan/square metre .
        Another 10,000 ㎡ of offices' area is available for renting with the single room around 65 ㎡. The size is flexible. The rooms are all 3.5 meters tall with south to north convection and excellent lighting in the daytime. The design plan is attached.

        The rest of the 3500 ㎡ business unit is also open for rental. The shops are as small as 90 ㎡to as large as 1000 ㎡, in which the sizes are flexible. Rooms in the first layer reach as high as 4.95 m which guarantees super high utilization rate. The design plan is attached.

        There are still 50 rooms waiting to be rented, including 31 single apartment and 19 collective ones. Each room covers around 45 ㎡.The design plan is attached.





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