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                Foshan New Media Park is a cluster of Class A office buildings which are located at the intersection of Chanxi Avenue and Qinggong Road. The gross construction area covers 300,000 square meters with the first two-phases of the construction area reaching about 100,000 square meters. Foshan New Media Park is the first professional intelligent operating platform with its focus on Internet and digital media companies; residential home to IT support, the cultural industrial development and creative ideas incubation; is a typical example of the modern new industrial park which advocates harmonious co-existence of manufacturing activities, residents' life and sustainable ecology.


                Practicing the principles of "New Office Life", the park includes all-3.5 meters tall offices with north to south convections and equips a district leisure square, multi-functional concert hall, the original and ecological development of IT themed restaurant , ecologically friendly apartments and an ecological parking lot with 600 parking spaces in order to make life there professional, easy, affordable and convenient. Also a collaboration agreement has been made with the three giant telecommunication operators to make WIFI covering the whole industrial park.




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