Foshan New Media Park

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              ABOUT US


              As the first professional new media park in Guangdong province, the planning construction area covering 300,000 square meters is located in Foshan National Hi-tect Industries Development Zone Chancheng Park.

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              New Media Park is located in a golden ar ....


              The Park will equip preferential measure ....


              In the New Media Park , enterprises quali...

              VC Support

              We will establish the first new-media An ....

              Resources Linking

              Foshan New Media Park has gathered resou ....

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              OUR SERVICE

              Intelligent Support

              Cooperation with the three ....

              Legal & IP Rights Protection

              The New Media Park has a l ....

              Conference & Exhibition Center

              The science museum, cloud ....

              R & D Platform

              The park will cooperate wi ....

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